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Cheap Car Insurance in Humble

Texas Car Insurance Minimum Requirement by Law

As per the Department of Public Safety in the state requires a minimum of 30/60/25 as explained below:

  • $30,000 coverage for all types of bodily injury suffered by one individual in one accident
  • Bodily injury suffered by two or more people is $60,000. The amount is the same for deaths of two or more people caused by one accident
  • Damage to property or injury to others in one accident is $25,000.
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Best Car Insurance Companies in Texas and Rates Offered

The cheapest car insurance rates in the state is provided by Geico Insurance followed by Farmers Insurance. But the major players are State Farm, Progressive and Farmers insurance in order.

CompanyAnnual premium (50/100/50)Market shareComplaints
GEICO$3506.00% ($1,151,485,019)1
Farmers$3857.98% ($1,530,613,603)2
State Farm$39016.03% ($3,074,590,659)119
Allstate$4957.38% ($1,416,050,038)4
Liberty Mutual$5504.36% ($836,938,040)64
Progressive$6608.75% ($1,678,264,745)0

Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in Your Area

We recommend you to get car insurance quote and compare rates before choosing an insurance plan. People save up to 50% on car insurance by using our comparison shopping.

Insurance Agents in Humble, TX and Near by

Agents by ZIP code:
  • 0 mi
    Acceptance Auto Insurance
    19333 Highway 59 N Ste 130, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 548-0202
  • 0 mi
    Amtex Insurance
    228 Charles St, Humble, TX 77338
    (713) 662-0000
  • 0 mi
    Kosub & Associates Insurance
    320 E Main St Ste D, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 540-2202
  • 0 mi
    CLJ Risk Management
    514 E Main St, Humble, TX 77338
    (832) 777-0381
  • 0 mi
    Trey Guidry
    107 1st St W Ste 100, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 446-8146
  • 0 mi
    Neighborhood Insurance Specialists
    807 1st St E, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 548-2000
  • 0 mi
    ASAP Insurance Agency
    31 W Main St, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 540-7011
  • 0 mi
    Jose Medrano
    203 N Houston Ave, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 446-5404
  • 0 mi
    Peoples Choice Insurance Solutions & Investments
    200 N Houston Ave Ste C, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 852-9396
  • 0 mi
    Ai United Insurance
    216 N Bender Ave, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 446-6950
  • 0 mi
    Momentum Insurance & Financial Services
    125 W Main Ste A, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 540-1091
  • 0 mi
    Auto Insurance Discounters
    20030 Highway 59 N Ste A, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 319-4900
  • 0 mi
    LMS Insurance Agency
    20036 Highway 59 N, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 360-1040
  • 0 mi
    Travis Davis
    19747 Highway 59 N Ste 270, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 540-4600
  • 0 mi
    Kevin Cavazos
    19333 Highway 59 N Ste 195, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 446-1203
  • 0 mi
    Kerry Maxey Insurance
    1410 Fm 1960 Bypass Rd E Ste D, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 446-2545
  • 0 mi
    TWFG Insurance Services - Dale Ratliff
    1410 Fm 1960 Bypass Rd E, Humble, TX 77338
    (832) 644-5500
  • 0 mi
    Chris Roberson
    1420 Fm 1960 Bypass Rd E Ste 121, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 446-2629
  • 0 mi
    John Emerson
    639 Wilson Rd, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 446-4424
  • 0 mi
    Metro Allied North Insurance Agency
    2031 Humble Place Dr, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 776-5555
  • 0 mi
    Nathaniel Stover
    1931 Humble Place Dr Ste 203, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 964-4408
  • 0 mi
    TWFG Insurance Services - Ryan Guillory
    1931 Humble Place Dr Ste 102, Humble, TX 77338
    (713) 860-4063
  • 0 mi
    Texas Worldwide Insurance
    2031 Humble Place Dr, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 449-1422
  • 0 mi
    Bill Chapman
    9684 Fm 1960 Bypass Rd W, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 548-9903
  • 0 mi
    Wilkinson Insurance Agency
    10203 Birchridge Dr Ste 220, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 446-0467
  • 0 mi
    Larry Harper
    10203 Birchridge Dr Ste 230, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 446-1991
  • 0 mi
    Nora Reyna
    10203 Birchridge Dr Ste 825, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 973-9985
  • 0 mi
    Cedric Johnson
    8998 Will Clayton Pkwy Ste C, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 441-3338
  • 0 mi
    Carr Insurance Agency
    8840 Will Clayton Pkwy Ste E, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 570-6085
  • 0 mi
    Dale Guidry
    9142 Will Clayton Parkway, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 852-7967
  • 0 mi
    Serna Insurance Agency
    9232 Will Clayton Pkwy, Humble, TX 77338
    (281) 812-9775
  • 0 mi
    A-Z Insurance Agency
    7850 Fm 1960 Byp Rd W, Humble, TX 77338
    (832) 412-2688
  • 4.43 mi
    K's Motorsports Insurance
    17802 Highway 59 N, Humble, TX 77396
    (281) 446-7165
  • 4.43 mi
    David M. Peace
    3700 Atascocita Rd Ste 804, Humble, TX 77396
    (713) 553-3271
  • 4.43 mi
    Sean Laughlin
    14954 Mesa Dr Ste 109, Humble, TX 77396
    (281) 598-7942
  • 4.43 mi
    A Troy Turner
    9502 N Sam Houston Pkwy E Ste 107, Humble, TX 77396
    (713) 668-3900
  • 4.43 mi
    Noah Labauve
    9701 N Sam Houston Pkwy E Suite 250, Humble, TX 77396
    (713) 453-7191
  • 6.81 mi
    Goosehead Insurance - Marcia BurklewCandace Griffin
    20665 W Lake Houston Pkwy Ste 111, Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 359-2222
  • 6.81 mi
    Karen Byrd
    4518 Fm 1960 Rd E, Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 812-2878
  • 6.81 mi
    Sean Mertz
    5311 Fm 1960 Rd E Ste F, Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 852-6500
  • 6.81 mi
    Jerry Johnson
    5616 Fm 1960 Rd E Ste 260, Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 358-2788
  • 6.81 mi
    Lee Insurance Agency
    8727 Fm 1960 Rd E, Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 812-8400
  • 6.81 mi
    William Todd Calfee Agency
    8727 Fm 1960 Rd E Ste B, Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 852-3535
  • 6.81 mi
    Brian Richards
    8013 Fm 1960 Rd E, Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 812-2099
  • 6.81 mi
    Hubbard Insurance Agency
    4574 Fm 1960 Rd E, Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 852-6000
  • 6.81 mi
    Timothy Edwards
    7702 Fm 1960 Rd E Ste 114, Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 852-3121
  • 6.81 mi
    Randy Goss
    19100 W Lk Houst Pkwy Ste 105, Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 319-4300
  • 6.81 mi
    Polly Guillory
    5510 Atascocita Rd Ste 260, Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 446-3557
  • 6.81 mi
    Ashley Henry
    5444 Atascocita Rd Ste 101, Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 852-7171
  • 6.81 mi
    Tim Bates
    8031 Fm 1960 Rd E, Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 852-0611
  • 6.81 mi
    William Anduiza
    8031 Fm 1960 Rd E, Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 852-0611
  • 6.81 mi
    Ralph Hawkins
    4710 Atascocita Rd, Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 852-4492
  • 6.81 mi
    Craig Covey
    17280 W Lake Houston Pkwy, Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 852-5225
  • 6.81 mi
    Strategic Insurance Solutions
    18321 W Lake Houston Pkwy Ste 160, Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 570-2000
  • 6.81 mi
    Gibraltar Insurance Services
    18455 W Lake Houston Pkwy Ste 250, Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 748-3364
  • 6.81 mi
    TWFG Insurance Services - Brian Johnson Insurance
    18477 W Lake Houston Pkwy Ste 30, Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 852-3333
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Learn More About Car Insurance in Humble, Texas

Car Insurance Laws in Texas

The state law is straightforward. You must have car insurance when you are registering a vehicle. The law stipulates the minimum coverage in specific categories. The minimum coverage is the least you can have and it is not the optimum coverage you should opt for. Given the scope of damage and the severity of injuries possible as a direct result of an accident, you should always opt for more coverage than the legal requisite.

Texas is a "Fault" car accident state, which means you will have to pay for the damages for an accident that you cause. So be sure to add enough liability and personal injury protection coverage in your insurnace policy. Learn more about how to determine who is at fault in a car accident.

Any car owner who does not have the minimum coverage basically does not have car insurance as per the laws of the state. Hence, the car owner will be subjected to the penalties as decreed by the state law.

Penalty for Driving without Car Insurance in Texas

You cannot drive any type of motor vehicle without insurance, be it a motorcycle, a car or a truck. It is also not sufficient to have a car insurance that has just lapsed or has not been renewed for a few days and hence there is a break in its continuity. The law requires all car owners to have continuous auto insurance in Texas, regardless of the age of the car and other factors such as driving history or record of past incidents.

The state of Texas can levy a penalty on any car owner who does not have adequate insurance. The penalty is usually multipronged. First time offenders are usually charged a maximum of $350. The offense can lead to the suspension of the license and hence driving privileges. A second or subsequent offense will incur penalties of a maximum of $100 and the vehicle could be impounded for a maximum of six months.

Car Insurance Support in Texas

Those who have been fined and have had their driving license revoked or driving privilege suspended and possibly their vehicle impounded are required to file an SR-22 form as proof of continuous car insurance. This should be done proactively. Such car owners and drivers must carry proof of their continuous car insurance at all times. The SR-22 form can be filed with the Department of Public Safety by the insurer or the insured and this should be done for three years following a conviction.

How to choose car insurance wisely?

When it comes to choosing car insurance, the first and important thing is to decide how much coverage is enough for you and your car. How expensive the policy will mostly depend on this. You have to take more liability coverage if you have more at stake if someone decides to sue you in the event of a car accident in which you are involved. If you don't have enough insurance to cover the damage cost, you will end up paying it from your hand. This is why it is important to have the right amount of car insurance coverage.

Learn more about what car insurance covers.

There are also extra coverages that you can get for a small price in your policy such as rental car reimbursment, towing and labor that will cover for the payments for the extra payments for renting a car during your car repair after accident and towing and labor charges.

Another wise thing to do before taking car insurance is to get insurance quotes from different companies to find out the cheapest offer for your car insurance requirement. This is what we help you with. We compare the best offers in the market and provide you with the cheapest and best deal.

Learn more: car insurance quotes FAQ

Applying right amount of deductible lowers the car insurance premium. Deductibles is the sum of money that you will have to pay before your insurance company comes into the picture. Deductibles apply to every claim, which means that you will have to pay the deductible amount every time you file a claim.

when it comes to deciding the deductible amount, you need to think about how much you could afford in case of an accident. You may need to create an emergency fund or see that you have set apart a little from your savings.

Learn more about how to choose right amount of deductibles to get cheap car insurance.

How will traffic ticket affect auto insurance premium?

Your driving record is an important contributing factor in determining your auto insurance premiums. Traffic tickets come in varied severity. Minor the moving violation, lesser the impact on your insurance premiums.

Learn more about how traffic ticket affect your car insurance premium.

How to: Car insurance claims

Are you confused on how the car insurance claims works? Still thinking why your claim got denied? Check the article below to learn more about claims and denial. You might also check out who is at fault in an accident.

Car insurance claims and denial

Driving in other states with Texas car insurance

You can drive your car which is covered by car insurance from Texas state in other states with all the coverage benefits. Even if you have only Texas state minimum insurance coverage, rest assured that insurance companies will have your car covered in other states in a car accident even if the minimum requirement for the other state is higher.



The insurance rates mentioned in this article is based on the average amount for a 30 year old female purchasing 50/100/50 ($50,000 for injury liability for one person, $100,000 for all injuries and $50,000 for property damage in an accident) liability car insurance coverage. The premium rate can be higher or lower than the rates specified depending on the type of coverage one may choose, deductibles applied and the discounts offered by insurance company.