Florida Commercial Auto Insurance

June 11, 2020

Auto insurance is mandatory, and it can be managed very easily by making use of online resources. If you are doing business in Florida, you should get protection with commercial auto insurance. Florida is the top destination to attract tourists, businesspeople, and commerce. People throng to this state from all over the world and various states in the US. As vehicles are used to conduct business, you should ensure that there is proper coverage. There will be various services offered by companies, and more than one car will be present on the road.

Car insurance

There should be at least $50,000 of coverage for vehicles weighing between 26,000 and 35,000 pounds. It covers personal damage liability and bodily liability insurance. If the weight of the truck is more than 44,000 pounds, there should be coverage of at least $300,000. To use these vehicles for business, you should subscribe to commercial vehicle insurance. If you want to use the car for business in Florida, you should ensure that the vehicle is insured even though the vehicle serves as a personal auto.

You should be aware of the market statistics in Florida. The average annual income in Florida is $34,955. 40% of the goods will go to the State for in and out movements, and transport is the largest industry in Florida. 15% of the crashes that take place in Florida are involved with cargo vans.

There are many businesses in the state, and the population of Florida is also high. As accidents will take place on an everyday basis, you should take steps to protect your commercial vehicle at the earliest. There will be a loss to the extent of thousands of dollars with minor accidents as well. Hence, you should go for the best coverage.


There are some policies prepared to get protection from most of the common risk factors faced by commercial vehicles. The policy covers liability, collision, and includes underinsured and uninsured motorist. The comprehensive insurance is termed as other than collision. Various incidents such as fire, arson, theft, and impact with animals will be covered through the comprehensive insurance. The coverage includes damage other than vehicles.

Businesses can take advantage of ‘uninsured and underinsured motorist’ coverage. As a matter of fact, everyone will not purchase insurance. If your employee is involved in an accident with someone who is not insured, the business should pay from the pocket. It can be avoided by choosing the uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

To protect your business from bodily injury and property damage, you should go for liability insurance. Medical expenses and legal costs that arise from the accident will be covered in this process. If you go for collision insurance, your vehicle will be back on the road at the earliest. The repairs will be done very easily, and there will be rental coverage options as well.

Insurance for large trucks

Large commercial trucks should go for unique vehicle insurance. To satisfy the minimum state law requirements, semi-trucks and large trucks should go for extra coverage. If you own a large vehicle, you should go for individual commercial truck insurance. The needs of the large truck driver will be fulfilled through this insurance plan. Before the accident takes place, you should discuss your needs with the agent so that you will settle for the best plan.

Coverage of insurance

The type of vehicles that should go for commercial insurance should be known. The list includes passenger cars, cargo vans, buses, taxis, trucks (small and large), pick-up trucks, dump trucks, flatbed trucks, delivery vans, scooters, and limousines. Besides these, there will be many other vehicles that will be listed under the insurance. You should talk to the agent to get clarity, and the most appropriate insurance plan can be subscribed to you.

There are various factors that will influence the cost of commercial vehicle insurance. If you are expecting quotes online, you should furnish the necessary information. The number of vehicles, type of vehicle, the purpose of the car, the value of the vehicle, the number of passengers, driving records, the value of assets, history of claims, deductibles, and coverage limits will have an influence on the cost of insurance.

You can make use of certain discounts as well so that you can reduce the cost of insurance. Some of the factors which impact cut include a multi-policy discount, good driver discount, safety program discount, paid-in-full discount, industry affiliation discount, and claims-free discount. The discounts offered by each insurance carrier will be different, and it is based on various factors. You should choose the best carrier so that the claims can be made very quickly and there will be great coverage.

By selecting the best Florida commercial auto insurance plan, you can cover the risk properly. Financial disaster can be prevented when you subscribe to the insurance plan.