How to insure your vehicle very efficiently?

June 11, 2020

If you own a vehicle and register it, you are required to have vehicle insurance as well. It is mandatory as per the law. The risk coverage will be done very efficiently with the insurance plan. For personal injury protection, the minimum coverage is $10,000. The property damage liability is $10,000 and it should be held as long as you manage the Florida license plate.

Adequate protection

You should be aware of Florida Auto Insurance Laws so that you can go for the most appropriate insurance plan. If you purchase collision insurance, you should want to go for out of pocket expenses to repair or replace the vehicle. If the damage to the car is more than $10, 000 or driver is at fault by driving without any insurance or you are the cause of the accident, you should want to pay expenses.

PIP (Personal Injury Protection) is also known as Florida No-Fault insurance. It will cover you regardless of the fault. the coverage will take place up to the limits of your policy. The PIP will cover the child as well. It will also cover other family members and other passengers if they do not own a vehicle. If there are people who have their own PIP ride in your vehicle, the coverage will be received under their own PIP. The coverage will be extended to certain licensed drivers as well who drive with your permission.

The PIP will give protection to your child if she meets with an accident while riding on a school bus. You will get PIP protection while riding in someone else’s vehicle or as a pedestrian. If you suffer from any kind of injury involving a motor vehicle, the coverage will be extended. As per Florida Auto Insurance Laws, you are required to hold PIP/PDL insurance throughout the licensing as well as registration period.

BIL (Bodily Injury Liability)

The very serious and permanent injury will be covered by bodily injury liability. If you are the cause of the crash involving an automobile, the insurance company will pay to the injured person on behalf of you. The coverage will be extended even if you are driving someone else’s vehicle. The coverage will be extended to others who drive with your permission. If you are sued by the injured party, there will be a legal defense as well.

PDL (Property Damage Liability)

The damage that is inflicted by you or the members of the family will be covered through the PDL. the liability towards other property will be covered.

You should be aware of various terms that are used by the insurance company as well as the state regulator. If a policy is delivered or issued in Florida towards insurance, it is called as Florida Coverage. The company which is licensed by the Florida Department of Financial Services will deliver the insurance policy.

Frequently asked questions

Can I claim the insurance policy issues in the previous state of residence?

No. the minimum policy should be issued by an insurance company that is authorized to issue a policy in the state of Florida. The laws that are applicable in other states will be different from the laws that are applicable in Florida. You should be aware of the Florida Auto Insurance Laws so that there will be great clarity in this context. You can request your agent to transfer the policy from another state to Florida.

Can I drive without having Florida State vehicle insurance?

No. If you drive without having a Florida state-approved vehicle insurance plan, your driving license will be suspended for three years. Your vehicle’s registration will also be revoked and it will be in effect up to three years. However, if you obtain the proof of insurance, the order will be revoked.

What is the penalty to reinstate my license?

If you are not properly insured, the driving license will be suspended. The driving license will be reinstated by paying $150 to $500. The penalty amount will increase if there are subsequent violations. The proof of current vehicle insurance should be provided so that there will not be any issues before the reinstatement of the license.

I am not a resident of Florida and I stay on business purpose for a long period of time. Do I need to take insurance?

Yes, if you are staying in Florida for more than 90 days (in a calendar of 365 days), you should want to obtain the insurance plan. PIP, as well as PDL, should be subscribed by you so that there will not be any issues. These 90 days need not be consecutive.

How to avoid driving privilege suspension?

In order to avoid driving privilege suspension, the vehicle’s license plate and registration should be surrendered at the Florida driver's license or Tax Collector office. it should be surrendered prior to the cancellation of your insurance policy.

If I am moving out of state, should I cancel the vehicle insurance in Florida?

If you are moving out of Florida, you should not cancel the insurance until you are moved to another state. the insurance is required as long as the vehicle is registered in Florida. It is not related to your driving in Florida. After registering your vehicle in other states, the Florida license can be canceled. You are required to comply with the insurance requirements of the respective state.

You should be aware of the tips and tricks so that you can settle for the best insurance policy without any issues. If you go for a stacked insurance policy, the insurance cost will be reduced. By registering two or more vehicles on the same insurance policy, you can cut down insurance expenses.

If you have health insurance, it will be triggered after using the PIP. The 20% of medical bills that are not paid through PIP will be covered through health insurance. You might want to take the help of an experienced lawyer so that the settlement will be done properly. If you are required to deal with complex Florida Auto Insurance Laws, you should not hesitate to take the help of experts.